Volunteering with AOM

Each year, Academy of Management (AOM) members from around the world contribute to the collective future of the organization by serving in both short and long-term volunteer roles.     There are opportunities for everyone, whether you are a student, an early career scholar, or a seasoned academic or practitioner. Regardless of where you are on your career path, volunteer participation in AOM is encouraged and welcomed!

Many AOM members begin their volunteer journey through their Divisions and Interest Groups (DIGs). A terrific first step to involvement with your DIG is serving as a reviewer for the annual meeting, and from there can grow to participation as a discussant or session chair at annual meeting sessions. Further volunteer opportunities may lead to serving on committees or elected DIG leadership positions.  No matter how you choose to get involved, building connections with other AOM members who share your specific interests and disciplines will help you to expand your network and develop valuable professional relationships. 

Your volunteer involvement in AOM adds to the value of our scholarly communities. We hope you will lend your time and expertise to continue enriching the future of the organization and the profession.

A History Based on Volunteerism

AOM was founded by a group of dedicated scholars to represent and grow teaching and research of management scholarship. For decades, AOM was solely volunteer run. Today, members dedicating their time and talent continues to be integral to AOM’s core of operations. We thank our hundreds of volunteers!

Our volunteer leadership structure has ensured that the future of AOM is shaped by its members. As a professional and voluntary association, AOM strives to create community by building networks that facilitate learning and open exchanges. Volunteering also provides a personal return on investment such as the ability to touch and influence the direction of the AOM, growing your own leadership skills and building relationships with new contacts. AOM's long history of volunteerism has helped to position it as a global leader in the advancement of management, and we celebrate members for their volunteerism, their service in leadership capacities, and their professional accomplishments through our Awards and Recognition activities.

Did you know…

  • Volunteering is mainly centered around specific Divisions and Interests Groups (DIGs), allowing you to connect with those who have similar interests and career paths
  • Volunteering allows you to expand your network
  • Volunteer opportunities include submitting an article and presenting your work at our Annual Meeting
  • Through volunteering, you can influence the future of AOM by nominating members for leadership roles

Member Volunteer opportunities


Get Involved

Help shape AOM's future by volunteering with a committee or other assignment to find the opportunity that suits you.

International Volunteer Day:
5 December 2022

As vital members of our scholarly community, AOM thanks our vast network of volunteers:
As mentors and volunteers, you have dedicated your time, skills, and efforts to help shape the future of management research and education—sharing knowledge and expertise throughout our global network and making an impact on members around the world.

AOM Member Assia Lasfer


Smriti Anand

Volunteering at AOM is important to me because I see AOM as a large family, wherein we all need to do our part to help each other. I usually volunteer as a mentor to PhD students. This is because I remember how my mentors helped me navigate all the uncertainties that the PhD program entails. Volunteering with AOM makes me feel like I belong. It allows me to give back to the community, and also build new relationships. Special Memory: One of my mentees said, 'I will do this one day; you have inspired me to give back.'"


Angela Miles

Volunteering with AOM has become an integral part of my academic career. I believe that volunteering is important to support growth, continuity, and collegiality. The decisions and unexpected outcomes that have inspired me to volunteer with AOM have involved collective engagement, paying it forward, and promoting and evolving the discipline. Personally, volunteering with AOM has allowed the cultivation of friendships and partnerships. Professionally, volunteering with AOM has allowed me to grow and practice in the discipline that brings me joy! My special memories of volunteering with AOM include the PhD Project and the Career Services families. The memories of the dinners, the laughter, the conversations, and the collective achievements are incentives that sustain our discipline and develops leaders."


Kevin Rockmann

Volunteering for AOM has been a part of my life for the last 20 years, since I co-chaired the NDSC as a young doctoral student. This work, from being a reviewer to a program chair and now an editor, is not only meaningful to me but is indeed part of who I am. We use this word "service" to connote tasks we'd rather not do but are doing anyway to help others. In each of these roles though I've been able to grow, learn, and, most importantly, connect. This is not service, this is a pleasure. To have opportunities to travel the world, make new friends, and build and innovate in new ways is incredibly fulfilling, and am I so grateful for the volunteer opportunities that have come my way. Thank you AOM!"


Sally Sledge

Volunteering at AOM is important to me because the organization is so huge, it makes it more personal. I value the expertise and experiences of my colleagues at AOM, and have found that volunteering is a great way to meet people I otherwise would not have known. I decided to volunteer at AOM because I benefited from a volunteer. Long ago, I was part of the AOM Mentoring Program where I was matched with a mentor. She helped guide me through the process of learning all AOM had to offer. I want to pay it forward for others just as she did for me. I have benefited from volunteering at AOM as it has expanded my professional network. I now have contacts in many places due to AOM. Also I have been able to take on some leadership roles and therefore been able to continue my professional development through as an AOM volunteer. A favorite memory was when I was working the Career Services check-in table in Boston. I saw my Mentor of many years ago doing a walk and talk with a young doctoral student. This made me proud to be associated with an organization that is so supportive of early stage professionals. It also reminded me of how far I have come since the days of attending the doctoral student consortium at our annual meeting."


Sherry Thatcher

Volunteering at AOM is an important service activity that benefits the community that we are all a part of. In order for your AOM community to represent you, it is important to show up and help. Volunteering at AOM has provided tremendous benefits as it expands your network and allows you the opportunity to meet smart, engaging, interesting, funny, and authentic people from across management disciplines. I can’t imagine our profession without AOM, so I will continue to volunteer in whatever capacity I can to ensure that this community continues to exist and thrive."

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